Party All the Way

It is coming up! Surgis is getting close! Three and a half months until the party begins. This year my friends and I have decided to really go all out for Sturgis. After all it is the 75th annual rally! We have been saving up and putting a lot of thought and effort into this trip. Normally we pack up the campers and make the 16 hour trudge all the way to the party.

However, this year we are excited to announce that we will be renting a party bus along with hired driver to make the annual voyage! Is is going to be awesome. We are packing in 10 friends for this awesome journey. We won’t have to worry about directions, speed limits, or staying in our lane. The reputable driver has so graciously agreed to get us there and back safely.

Since we are able to 10 people the cost is definitely affordable for the services we are getting. Sleep when you want, drink and play games if you want, it doesn’t matter!

We will officially be able to live the song lyrics “I’m gonna rock and roll all night, party every day!” Ok maybe not every day, but at least every day for our rocking 5 day trip. Ship the bikes, and if needed while we are there we will still have a driver.

If you are looking to make this your trip of the year, follow our lead and find an awesome party bus to get you there!